At Nautec we provide personal service to all your Marine Electronic Requirements. From the design through the completion of the installation, to updates changes and any service you should ever require, we will be there for you. Our trained certified technicians are second to none, exhibiting the utmost professional service and respect for your Yacht, because we do care, and treat your Yacht as if it were ours. Gone are the days of big, impersonal companies that leave you jumping through hoops to get something done, dealing with salesmen, service personal, service co-coordinators, shipping departments and managers. At Nautec, you will deal with one person from the beginning, who is just a phone call away from any questions you should have about our installation, an operational issue, or even a question about a new and exciting product that you have just seen at a boat show.

We handle every job as custom, because different customers have different needs. Through our extensive integration knowledge of Audio Video and Navigation Communication, we provide you a simple to use, quality Marine Electronics system carefully designed to meet and in most cases exceed your expectations, without exceeding your budget.  


Ph: 1-866-4nautec  ٠  Fax: 954-764-2714
East Coast: 1314 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 187  ٠   Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
West Coast: 568- 9th St. S., Suite 270  ٠   Naples, FL 34102




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